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The Multiverse

Given the premise of this campaign, we have a multitude of worlds that can be used and explored once the characters obtain some form of portal control. Interdimensional magic that is common to every world and accessible to mages is NOT the same as the magic necessary for the portals, and only allows opening portals to the other PLANES, but not other UNIVERSES.

To make things simpler for the campaign, there is approximately 20 worlds per ‘conglomerate’ that share the same basic origins (and thus same language roots) and 4 ‘conglomerates’ in total. That means there is approximately 80 different, nearly-parallel worlds that the portals interconnect.

Each character therefore has a 1d4 to select conglomerate, and a 1d20 to select the universe within it. Characters who share both numbers come from the same ‘reality’. Characters with the same 1d4 number speak the same version of the basic languages (anything from common to Draconic.)

Known Realities/Worlds

  • Ulara (1.16) – Starting world for the Wanderers group.
  • Arikidnas (3.12) – Starting world for the Hunters group, Homeworld for Nida.
  • Midgaria (3.9) – Homeworld to Guy and Ali’Asi.
  • Taminia (2.16) – Starting world for the Seekers group, Homeworld for Rona.
  • Teyuris (3.14) – Homeworld to Therai and Enel.
  • Seres (3.20) – Homeworld to Pax and Benn.

Main Page

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