The Wanderers

Wanderers 1

A Meeting of Sorts

A battle, a fight, one moment they were about to die… then blackness.

Seven strangers wake to find themselves atop a hilltop in a strange world, for some even the time of day is different. Cautiously they approach each other, discovering only some can understand each other, while others seem to speak languages never heard of before, though strangely similar.

After a few minutes of getting their bearings, they start heading down to what the halfling sees is a forest and a trail. Quickly the others follow, no one wanting to be the last off the exposed hilltop.

Soon after entering the forest, the group is forced into battle by human bandits who spring from their hiding places among the trees and bushes surrounding the trail. They may all be strangers, but the fight unites them in a single cause, and they find themselves backing each other, keeping themselves healed and even in a few cases, teaming up to better defeat their opponents.

After a long, drawn out battle, they seem a bit closer to each other, though still wary. Looting what they can from the bodies, and having found a map of the area, the group heads down the trail towards a neighboring village.


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